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Rent Control – Everything You Need to Know for the June Referendum

Portland’s rent control ordinance, enacted by referendum in 2020 and amended by referendum in 2022, is again on the ballot for amendment by popular vote this June. How does the ordinance work now, and what is being proposed? How does it compare to the pending rent control ordinance in South Portland, or with other cities? What do experts say about rent control, and who stands to benefit?


Amendment to Rent Control, Procedural Confusion, and Referendum Reform – City Council Review 03/20/23

Erica Snyder-Drummond reports on the council meeting of March 20th, a marathon session featuring an extended debate on the proposed rent control referendum in June, procedural adjustments to the citizen’s initiative process, and signs towards referendum reform.

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$4mm Property Sold by City for $1.15mm, Unionization Row, and Referendum Hearing – City Council Review 03/06/23

Erica Snyder-Drummond reports on the council meeting of March 6th, featuring a contentious sale of city-owned land for a new office building, a date set for the hearing on June’s rent control referendum, and a unionization row at Shalom House.


Asylum Seekers Influx, a Park for North Deering, Coordinated Harassment ~ City Council Review 02/27/23

Erica Snyder-Drummond reports on the council meeting of February 27th, featuring the approval of the city’s purchasing a new park in North Deering, details of the ongoing influx of asylum seekers into Portland, and the coordinated brigade of right-wing trolls that targeted the meeting.