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Category: Analysis

The Current State of Referendum Reform

If you missed the city council’s first workshop, if you don’t understand the debate, or if you want to know what you may be voting on in November, read on. Chapter 9 of the city code, which governs the rules around citizen referenda, is being reformed by the City Council and Mayor Snyder, and will be going to the voters. Learn the lay of the land and see what changes will be on the ballot.


Rent Control – Everything You Need to Know for the June Referendum

Portland’s rent control ordinance, enacted by referendum in 2020 and amended by referendum in 2022, is again on the ballot for amendment by popular vote this June. How does the ordinance work now, and what is being proposed? How does it compare to the pending rent control ordinance in South Portland, or with other cities? What do experts say about rent control, and who stands to benefit?